INW WAM - Retailer Accrual Program
How to Utilize WAM?

INW's WAM is our Premier Retailer Accrual Program. With over 40 participating manufacturers across all product categories, you are sure to find retailer accrual programs to fit your store.

Earn Retail Accruals on Everyday Product
INW Retailers purchase select products and manufacturers pay those retailers for volume when the minimum sku counts are met.

Earn Rack Placement Retail Accruals
In addition to rebates on product, stores can also earn rack placement money by setting and maintaining specific rack planograms throughout the year. These secondary placement racks are a feature bonus earning for retailers. Accruals are earned on a majority of the open stock product placed on these racks, plus you have a greater chance of capturing impulse sales from your shoppers.                                                        

View Planograms:

  • Capture Impulse Sales! Multi-Vendor Racks captures more impulse sales during the average c-store shoppers 1.7 minute shop time.
  • Get Paid! Not only will you receive the merchandisers for free (when you agree to a purchase the required product 1x during the year and follow the planogram for 1 year) you can earn placement dollars for keeping the rack in place all year.
  • Secondary Placement! These focused racks (Snacks, Confections, Kids Kandy, and Healthy) feature top performing skus in each of their designated categories. So in addition to earning placement dollars, you should also see faster turns on top selling items!