Gehl'S Cheese & Chili Self Serve Dispenser

Serving HOT Cheese and Chili to your Customers is now simple with the Gehl's Dispenser. Gehl's sauces are dispensed from an airtight pouch designed to seal in freshness (up to five days for cheese, seven days for chili). A carefully engineered delivery system also seals out contaminants for greater food safety. The result: longer, safer operation with almost no cleanup. Simply lift the old pouch out and throw it away. Attach a clean valve to a new pre-heated bag of sauce, drop in and keep selling!

For more information about this program and any of our other foodservice programs please visit our Foodservice Page.

Gehl's Dispensers - How the Program Works

  • Dispensers are delivered to your business for a ONE TIME lease fee
  • They have no annual lease fees.
  • You can return the dispenser at any time
  • Parts and replacements are provided free

Gehl's Lease Agreement
Follow this link to print and submit your Gehl's lease agreement.

Gehl's Lease Agreement